Sustainability Intelligence

There are many ways to contribute to sustainable change.

Sustainable investment is one of them.

Worldwide, we have access to a wealth of global information about companies and their business activities. Leveraging this information, we have made it our task to assess the sustainability performance of companies.

Based on our holistic understanding of sustainability, which is comprised of eight principles, we have developed an innovative method for assessing sustainability: A company’s internal strategy, business approach and processes can only be fully assessed when also considering its impact on the environment and society. Taking both the internal and the external perspective into consideration has a decisive influence on the assessment of the actual sustainability performance of a company.

  • Our rating provides unprecedented insight into a company's holistic sustainability performance.
  • We provide consistently derived results and make our opinion-forming process transparent in the form of an analysis report of several pages.
  • Unlike our competitors, we do not rate businesses according to their performance within the industry (best in class), but based on their absolute sustainability performance towards the people and their environment.
  • The external perspective sharpens our analyses and makes them more profound than conventional sustainability ratings. A meta-analysis (IVA, Institute for Asset Accumulation) confirms that the external perspective clearly sets us apart from the competition.