Sustainability for us

A company’s internal strategy, business approach and processes can only be fully assessed when also considering the effects and consequences in the real world.
A consistent analysis of the effects companies have on the four dimensions of sustainability – economic, ecological, social and ethical issues – forms the core of our understanding of sustainability.
It shapes our expectations regarding sustainable business practices, which are analysed according to the following eight principles:


We do not live at the expenses of others. When we receive assistance, our business model will not be dependent on it. We behave in a manner that our activities and the added value thereof will benefit others. We anticipate that these efforts will be recognized and eventually help society as a whole.


We restrict ourselves to the resources available to us. Therefore we set goals, economize our reserves and take the circumstances of all our stakeholders into consideration.


We use as little resources as possible and avoid unnecessary activities. We have priorities set according to our goals and vision and pay careful attention to do the right things right.



We think and act in circuits. For our own supply we pay attention to the sources, the reusability and the recyclability. We apply our thinking of the circular economy also during and after the utilization phase.


We pay attention to the resilience and the robustness of all our processes. We build surpluses and are prepared for sudden events and unexpected situations. We value our health, practice a harmonious team environment and responsible behavior towards all our stakeholders.


We respect material and non-material assets. We value this by treating all subjects with integrity and empathy and therefore minimize deterioration.



We practice open and upright communication inside and outside of the company. We gather our accumulated knowledge through systematic documentation and share this knowledge through publications as well as academic workshops and trainings.


We continuously work on the development of our vision and set strategies to meet our objectives. We support each other to reach these goals and do not let ourselves be distracted from our principles.