How we work

  • We take into account the uniqueness of each company and derive the most relevant sustainability topics from the business models.
  • Our E²SE® method allows a 360-degree evaluation of the four dimensions of sustainability – economy, ecology, social aspects and ethics – from both the internal and the external perspective.
  • Through dialogue with the rated companies and ongoing monitoring, we increase the reliability of the results, consider current and relevant issues and deepen our expertise.
  • In order to avoid subjectivity, we consistently apply the principle of multiple control, working in a team of two analysts and one senior analyst.
  • Our own analysis tool supports an efficient and transparent evaluation process.

We work according to our code of conduct.

The evaluation process in four steps



  • Understanding of business model
  • Identification of industry issues and hotspots
  • Viewing of information sources and further keyword-based research
  • Data integration into analysis software


  • Evaluation of data, synthesis of information
  • Discussion of research findings
  • Triple-control principle (team of two analysts and one senior analyst)
  • Preliminary rating is compiled

Company dialogue

  • Company is contacted
  • Clarification of open questions
  • Fosters transparency and trust

Final assessement

  • Assessement is finalised
  • Preparation of final rating result / analysis report
  • Optional presentation of results
  • Company is taken into continuous monitoring cycle