The Foundation - CLUB OF HAMBURG, scientifically accompanied by the Konstanz Institute of Corporate Governance, in cooperation with the Senate of the Economy and supported by companies, develops a management concept for economic "success with decency". The standards-based approach serves as a development model for companies that can receive a seal after testing. For inclusion in the German Ethics Index (DEX®), companies are evaluated with our Ö²SE method®.

Forum Nachhaltige Geldanlagen (FNG), founded in 2001, is the industry association promoting sustainable investment in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. It has over 150 corporate members, including banks, investment management companies, insurance companies, rating agencies, investment companies, asset managers, financial advisers and NGOs, and around 30 individual members.

Eurosif is the leading European association for the promotion and advancement of sustainable and responsible investment across Europe, for the benefit of its members.

Sustainability Intelligence is a member of Bitkom, Germany's association for digitalization. Bitkom was founded in 1999 as a federation of individual industry associations in Berlin and represents more than 2,500 companies of the digital economy, among them 1,000 SMEs, 400 start-ups and almost all global players. Bitkom is particularly committed to innovative economic policy, modernization of the education system and a future-oriented network policy.


The mission statement gives concrete shape to the historically evolved principles of Honorable Merchants in Berlin. Cooperatively developed, it contributes to the preservation of decency and custom of Honorable Merchants. The mission statement is a commitment to and a guideline for our corporate self-understanding. Our focus is on the autonomous individual, because in our understanding, persons are honorable in the first place, our companies in the second place.


The German Society for International Cooperation (GIZ) GmbH supports the Federal Government in achieving its goals for international cooperation for sustainable development. It is active in over 130 countries with 17,000 employees. As part of the cooperation, Sustainability Intelligence supports the Global Disaster Risk Management Initiative (GIKRM). We also supported the project "Adaptation of public investments to climate change in Latin America (IPACCII)".